Tuesday, October 19, 2010


now wat?
i've no idea wat's going on now
today after lunch,almost faint in the cafe n also outside the lift
the whole world in my eyes were turning around nonstop

i closed my eyes,stand against the wall
n try to keep myself nt to fall
some said mayb the light problems
some said mayb too much stress
some said mayb having unhealthy lifestyle
some said mayb having un-normal eating time
some said mayb jus finish exam
ok.....i accept everything....=)
anyway,today only finish the 1st trail exam
next next week will follow by our 2nd trail exam
n spm is coming.....=S
hope it is over in a short way...n i will be free!!!
hehehe....n have my vacation happily~~
^.^ yay.....

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