Saturday, October 23, 2010

dance ^.^

 having performance tat day in a wedding
^.^ it was fun,seriously!!!
10 dancers
from left to right:
Man Yee,me,Lau lau,Daphane,Xiao John,
Bobo,Phoebe,Eddy,Kenneth,& Pei Zhi
having hip hop n also a romance dance
this is vui hin,our teacher =)
we were just arrived,then only we found out that we were only 
given a small room for changing
how samll?! u can try to c in the 1st photo
10 of us squeeze in this.....geng~~
man yee and me!! after put on our dresses
i'm so so so fat!!!
need to keep fit edi...ohno!! (faint)
lau lau was enjoy with her "speech"
c the 2nd girl from left hand side
she is talently good in making all those"faces" especially ugly one
u will understand wat am i mean to after u finish this post
 this is kenneth...our assistant teacher
very "pro" in dancing
 pei zhi n daphane
 try to fight wif her
our ugliness
she likes this,hehehe......
 pei zhi and man yee
 phoebe and pei zhi
phoebe is a young girl age 13
doesn't look like rite?! hahahha
she is a ballet dancer too,grad
tat made her easy to catch up all the dance movements
man yee and me
we were same age
but still,she is older than me...=P January baby
enjoy the times wif her
she is good in chinese culture dance wer!!
we were too boring.....
tat's y all the silly pics came out
this is pei zhi.....our "dai ka jie"
she is tall!! however,we actually were same age.....
nt only tat,she is born on 4th may,and i'm on 5th may ngam rite??!?! 
she is good in sexy!!!

 this is eddy
the main character of our story dance
he is good and full of experience on stage! 
especially the expression and timing

hehehe.....2 statues
 this statue will be more popular
c...!! lot of ladies came and take pics....
can earn his living edi....^.^
 let's take a group photoes!!!!
here comes lau lau....a funny girl
enjoy my times wif her too!!
she doesn't likes to wear skirt,and also sexy dance
she is "pro" in character acting
the pics below shows tat.....
when michael jackson + mechanical

this is our main character in the story dance
after the dance,change!!!
and here r the ladies~~~
character acting again....noob+hip hop
 love her style~~!!! nice!!!
gt hip hop feel~~~
when a noob faces 2 leng lui~~ ^.^
 stuck in thr....waiting.....
 let's go for food!!
after we finished our dance,bye bye lur...!!!
we drived to mc.D for dinner
 this is lau lau's tomato sauce
she can finish this by herself!!!
cool huh?!
 smile~~ =)
 daphane with her dirty hand
chatting + fellowship
 pei zhi and lau lau
 man yee and kenneth
 bobo and pei zhi
bobo looks like a korean,but dunno is he korean or nt
he is good in those movement on the floor wif turning
forgot wat it call
this r daphane's face expression....
still gt a lot nt yet do tiam.....
all of us only can shake our head,when seeing her do such face
 lau lau,phoebe and me
after we finish our food,we went to the playground to reduce our kaluri

so enjoy ya?!
love this!!!
and this!!!
of course,this too!!!
then went back~
b4 we went home....this mechanic gt sth wan to do.....
(this is my first time sharing abt my friends in dance)
love them so much

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