Wednesday, August 3, 2011

love never fails =)

Vow is such a powerful confirmation toward a marriage,just read a wedding photography blog ,
this is what the team commend after the wedding ceremony: We could never forget when the bride said in her vow: 
"Thank you for not giving up on me".
hope this is not  the promise only on their wedding,but the promise toward their marriage and their future family 

Commitment and sincerity we could hardly find in these days,
relationship is just like a fan,you can turn it on when you feels hot,and you can turn it off when you are leaving....
you are not testing an ice-cream after you have finished half of it!!
(that's why I don't believe in young relationship for now......thou it is easy to start....)
we'll never be the perfect one,even thou you called yourself the best guy/girl in this world 

~for myself~
sometimes we do not believe in true love after we get hurts,
we don't trust anyone after we get cheated by someone that we trusted
we try to run away from the problems to avoid greater wounds in our life........
learn to forgive and forget.......
love never fails =D

I do believe there is someone so made for me 
for two is always better than one,and I'll wait if he worth it...... =)
(but hard to find ahh~~~!! >.<")

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