Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let see wat's in his bag....XD

recently i was assisted in a food shoot
yup,photoshoot for FOOD!!!!!
unbelievable rite?
(lot of temptation......)
and please allow me to show u....
this is the PRO photographer who take charge in this shooting
as you can see,he is so so so busy....
nevermind,we wont disturb him....
i will secretly show u
wat's inside the PRO photographer's bag....hehehe
first,this is the main gun tat he actually use for this shooting
and can you see this??? the shape was a bit...... ET
(though i dunno how ET look alike,but i think they should be almost the same)
this one is for horizon shoot....
and the sound is funny
 (if u gt the chance to see this,
u must ask him to show u hows the sound like....heheh)
eii??? wat's this??
 how come there is a box inside his bag?
oppsss....sorry,this is nt a box,is a lubitel
cool huh? i like this~~~ XD
let's see wat else he gt in his bag.....
but sorry for the unknown name....
 the photographer is nt free to tell me..
i will let u knw when i knw its name....promise! =)
photogreapher: I told u this is ringflash!!! =.="
let's put back the kawaii camera and see wat's this....
"diana mini"
is really look so MINI on his hand....
another cute camera he gt....
ok,tat's all...but is nt end yet....
next time i will dig out all his stuff in his big big bag
we'll stop here
and,i still like this photo the most......
the pro photographer+lubitel,with his "mata sepet"

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