Wednesday, March 30, 2011

met my darlings........sushi!!!!! XDXD

after received a call.....yea,i have to go out....
and i must go out....!!!
we met in suria,
went to "sushi tei"(Japanese restaurant) and have our lunch together
this is corzin and her mom
they came from tawau,and jus come to kk for day trip
miss them so much,
never get bored each time we met
ho~ ho~ ho~ ho~
this is chubby colleen...=D
corzin with her......unknown expression
i'm so full......after all these yummy food~~
oh yeah~~!!!!
so happy neh~~
show u what we ate ^^
feel full??? XDXD
let's have a walk around....
corzin and I did some silly stuff.....
well,is secret~
(u can see my craziness only in front of my best friends)
yup....feel so happy to meet them...
must take some pics while aunty is choosing her clothes
as a memory b4 two of them left malaysia
gonna miss u two =)
but don worry,we got the chance to meet again
good luck in ur studies!
I knw u guys will sure miss me so much,
stay happy!!
and stay crazy~


  1. is "sushi tei" i think.. hehehe~~

  2. really?? opss....soli~ i was jus busy searching the food and din even look at the name...XDXD

  3. nvm.. sushi tei is not mine.. XD

  4. so happy for u !!! LUCKY!! sighhh~ miss them so badly now!!