Friday, May 6, 2011

futsal~~~ XD

enjoy our futsal so much~~~ ^^
thou was only 1 hour for us(or even less than this)
but we still gain fun through this
a friend(who never see me play ball games b4) told me:
I finally knw why are u so manly...
=S *"manly?!"
other friends(guys)said: Sophia? Is she a girl?
*I din mean to be so rude.....=.="
a ball kick by bit bit bang on my head
(if u dunno how strong are his leg,better keep quiet~!)
and he came and said: Sophia!!! sorry ah~ and.....happy belated birthday!!!
me: @#!!%$& *a strong kick on his ass....

life is good....=)
gonna end my enjoyable life soon
time for study!

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