Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm 18 now!!!!

sorry for showing this up few days after my b'day
we were having a small gathering at Jabez
on 5.5
all girls....^.^
I choose an appropriate time,so it actually doesn't bother others
cause we were too noisy....
u can heard our
shouting,laughing,chatting all over the cafe
everyone did came,except elaine.....=S
kinda miss her....and her cakes~~~
from now on...there are all our "ss" pics...XDXD
too much.....
man man are leaving on tat night,
she came and give me a hug and a present b4 she leave to airport
don miss her!! hah....
cz we gonna meet again soon
peen peen who work at Jabez
we enjoy our "tea time" very much~~
finally capture kat!!! hehe~~
we love her so so so much
she ordered a cake for me....and which is my favorite cake!!!
yum yum~
is 18 now!!! and i'm getting taller than Judy!!!
(the tallest girl in our skl)
XDXD so happy neh~~
Isabel and ting ting
wanna guess how old are they??
your couldn't imagine~
caren was surrounded by two giants.....
I don even dare to stand between them...
lui lui and me!!!
wanna guess how old is she?? haha...
we were best friend when we were still in skl...
but of course,nw still....^^
nw she is having home-study for O-level
gambateh neh!
wakakaka.....the whole cafe were full of our laughter
everyone walking around and take photoes
me,jenny and kat
only 3 of us are in the same age....
others are younger than us
1 year,2 years,3 years,or even 4 years
guess yourself!!!
my dear sister...vun
thanks for coming~
the twin towe in our skl
melanie and judy
sisters ss pic ^^
thou i was wearing my high-heel
but i'm still the shortest~~ T.T"
*searching my rope skipping
I'm the oldest one among them....
c the cake??? ^^ wheee~~~~~
i love Tiramisu!!!!
3 wishes....=)
they laugh so loud after I said my first wish...
=,="  *shaking my head
friends wah~~~
is having my cake
again,i love Tiramisu!!!!!!
given by Jabez =)
"Ice-cream waffle"
this two getting sot after having their cakes...hahha
another favorite of mine~~
"mango pudding"
oh yeah~!!
only feel sorry for one stuff....
couldn't meet a group of friends
cz everyone are leaving soon...
nvm la....hopefully next year will hv the chance
i'm 18 nw~~
new stage are waiting for me in the future
stay close to God
and thank you everyone who sent me dozen blessings
hope next year we can do this again
=) ciao~

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