Wednesday, November 10, 2010

as a helper.......

went to inanam church and help up with the mission camp
it was fun and tired
we need to go through the theology seminary
exam exam.....
we gt certificate b4 go to mission
go through sermon section

passport application
praise and worship
all the application....
we r the helper,so we hv more time to observe the ppl
they felt happy to go for mission
some participle were in an old age
go for vacation? when the seller asked...
no,we are going for mission.....they answerd firmly
some were just youth
in the life stage which enjoying their tecnological stuff
but they are willing to presented their life to go for mission
no experience
no regret
only having faith and trust in heart
though they knw it may cause them into trouble,or even death
no back step.....
yes,I do.....
ok,tat's wat u agreed......
mission is nt as easy as u can imagine
so.....nw let me tell u,wat's is my station doing....
mission is nt easy....
u may go through all the trails
our job is to put them into trails
how evil is tat~!!!! hehehehe
ok,let's strat.....this is my boss
me and my bro were under him
first,we need them to line up
and then,theny will hv to cover their eyes with a goggles
farewell?!so happy.....^.^
journey begin
move move move
i touch~!
you see!!!!
ohno!!! is raining!!!
tat made our work harder and difficult....
bring them up to the "airplane"so called
this one really like kidnap....=P
we are the kidnapper....hehehehhe
wau......tat's a lot.....
some of them felt so scare....
some of them felt so steady

even young kids also trained by us to to do such evil thing....
we r nt only "bring them up to the plane",
but we also secrectly place "drugs"into some of their bags
bad hor?! even old grandma also couldn't excape...
anyway,let's c wat r they doing on the "airplane"
police car passed by us.....sweat~~~
cz we r holding so called"drugs",
and everyone inside the bus were had their eyes covered
luckily they did tahan us....hehhee
if nt.....die la.....
we were like robber on the bus....
my bro and i....^.^
so enjoy being evil robber
our boss,counting his "drugs"
the situation on the bus...
at first,everyone so noisy,end up,all slept.....
after came down from the "airplane"
sure come to imigration....
checking passport....
look so fierce.....
bag checking....c whether do they bring drugs....
you are under the rest!!!
check properly
pls move faster!!!
why are they so happy?!
actually they are good....=)
jus like us!! hehehe
but hv to put on fake smile

a po po is in the jail.....
passport checking
wat is this?!
we were found drugs....
and we were put into jail
wat should they do?! how to save them?!
if u r nt pay,then he will die....
we'll pay
end up everyone is save.....^.^
and move to the next station
there is a place call Mauritius
u may nt heard b4,it is a small independent island near Madagascar
nice and interesting
the natives are nt wealthy
and may nt hv high education,
mission completed?!
no,mission is just started.....
more and more trails is coming
everyone close in prayer
holding hand,heart to heart
prayer is much more powerful than wat we worried
through HIM,nothing is impossible!!

last.............i'm in jail......

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