Wednesday, November 17, 2010

no manners

welcome to our next performance!!!!
this is the final rehearsal on monday night in tshung tsin skl
which presented by
tshung tsin dance club,SDT and Re-up crew
lot of great and successful works were presented here...
i think you can categories them through these pics
on tuesday so so sleepy.....
thou the performance started at 10 sth,but we need to be thr b4 7:10am
jus to make sure tat we wont lock outside the gate
look at the dancers...they were make uping
start to prepare everything tat needed
don waste the time...."warm+make up"
let's look at our crew members.....
all is too early for us edi.....^.^
shoot one...shoot two....shoot three
emo mood
sleepy look
muscle look
gay look
let's c from the front,taken by michelle...
make up look
beauty look
noob cool look
play games
when it is 9sth,all of us helped to carry the mattress
and went down to the hall
warm up again and change our clothes
after prepare everything,we start ss and shoot some pics....
those nerd pics...and funny pics
michelle and phoebe
when "篱下" met "move shake nerd"
move shake + nerds
too boring...^.^
wat's going on thr?!
no no no,i prefer noob~~~
our "no manners"
noob pics....
by michelle
taken by me....
taken by michelle
this too~~
so sad others were nt in....T.T"
if nt will be lagi nice!!! heheheh
try to make ourselves more noob
cz i'm dancing on the stage too...
here are some pics which taken by the photographers....
horace and lonny =)
how sad is tat which i din shoot for no manners and move shake drop
cz i'm inside to dance too.....
haizz.....anyway,after tat we all went to "burger king" for lunch
ah lek ah lek ah lek ah lek ah lek ahlek~~~~
羞羞臉 羞羞臉 michelle michelle 羞羞臉 ><
all of us love this dance
wanna c how love are?! check it out!
welcome our "no manners" re-up crew*clap clap clap*!/video/video.php?v=10150094096453203&comments

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