Sunday, February 13, 2011


lot of ppl were chatting abt coming valentine after half an hour later
many of them were murmuring abt how should they celebrate their lonely valentine
some were having sad valentine poem competition
some were trying to look for a boy/girlfriend within this half and hour...
and some will having valentine rental tomolo...XD
tat's pretty cool....hah

after i reply katary's statues,saying i will push my target on to next year valentine
(i know i always comfort myself with this~)
a guy message me at the chat room
consider an old friend,tat's shock me
(cz we din contact each other since i leave until nw)
he ask me how are you,where are you nw,and wat are you doing nw??
=.=" i answered his questions....(what a pure girl~~!!!)
he said he is learning to be a chief in sarawak
then he ask you have boyfriend?
O.o" (ohno~~~ something wrong~~~pls don,pls don~)
i answered : no,why?
he asked me again : are you waiting for me?
(oh~~~~~~well,wat should i answer???Lord,pls give me answer~~~ )
and then next question coming up : Am i good?
(feel like bang on to the wall~~~)
don tell you wat did i answered him....XD
and after tat,i closed my wall...and time to sleep!!!
happy valentine!
have a sweet day~~~

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