Wednesday, April 20, 2011


is rushing my assignment at coffee bean
(have to finish it by tonight no matter how)....^.^
having ice blended chocolate
 but i think i need mocha!!!!
so tat i wont fall asleep...>.<"
1500 words......OMG~~!!
and i need to finish 4 design....

PS: gonna have my psysical training tomolo morning at stadium likas...
go go go!!!
hope everything fine...and i wont faint~


  1. Just a reminder for you: you did well with your blog and I truly enjoyed it :) good luck on your assignments but still get some sleep.BTW, you have awesome logo design, how do you do it? mind telling me :)

  2. Hi michelle,glad to heard from you....just realised that you are from madagascar,so cool~~~~ =D thanks a lot for your advise,and i will make sure myself get more sleep tonight(promise~~)^.^ actually I din't really "design" it,just used the photo editing program "picasa" and try to put my name and my blog link together...hehe....not really hard...=)