Sunday, April 24, 2011

stuff to work on tonight

OMG!!!! i drive myself to studio.....alone and safe!!!! hahah...
my next target is to go further.....hehehe.....
(don be surprise if one day i tell u i'm at sandakan by myself...^^)
having fun in dance,love it so much!!!
(thou my "beat" keep goes wrong....*shy~)
after all the happiness,let's back to study....
just realised tat i actually gt so much stuff to work on tonight,oh no~~
listed them down :
  • prepare portfolio(20pg),
  • finish my thick novel
  • write my study plan
  • finish 1 movie(without subtitle O.o")
  • do my toefl sample test.....
and tomolo have to go for medical checkup....
(so many wounds and bruises,hope it wont spoil my report~XDXD)

life,still hv to go on whether you likes it or nt....
smile =)

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