Sunday, April 3, 2011

life record 3.4.11

wat a meaningful and enrich day i have today!
went to church,meet nice ppl and friends
my bro and I accidenly joined the youth choir
(haha~ and i was appointed into soprano group...wau~~~>.<")
and we have 生肉面as our lunch
went home,change,touch my comp for awhile
then went to dance
^^ oh yeah!!!! I love it,babe~
i'm still nt catching up in some movement(gambateh to myself!!)
"never try never knw"
just go for it!!!!
back home and enjoy my dad's 鸡骨汤
then "teman" him to aunt's house
having fun with my two adorable cousin
ho~ ho~ ho~
(tell u,even my uncle suggested me to take"child care" as my second job)
they love me so much~~!!!!
next time must nt forget to shoot for them
b4 we came home,dad brought me to supermarket
and we have our quick shop
I bought pringles,malta,oat biscuit,ice-cream,
and whole grain cereal drink (for my everyday breakfast...!! ^^)
oh yeah!!!!
next week I will start getting busy....
have to reschedule my time and arrange everything in order
but still,hv to enjoy and let everyday no regred in my life

PS: the cute-blue notebook was given by my oldest aunt from taiwan
thanks aunt!!!

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