Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jabez.....a place that we fall in love with

after I finished my SPM,i went to Jabez cafe
for volunteer
helping,serving and learning
mayb in ur heart,you will think tat why are we so ignorant
doing something tat might nt get any benefit
or even make ourselves tired or dissapointed
but let me tell u,
once u spend 2 or 3 days here
u will fall in love with this place
(charleen and jenny,agree?? =P )
u couldn't find nice food here,
u couldn't find nice decoration here,
u couldn't find nice drinks here
but u can find people wif sincere heart serving
mayb we aren't tat good in cooking
mayb we aren't tat good in serving
but we learn to humble ourselves to do everything
perhaps you will think tat we are all crazy
but i tell u,even though we are busy
but we still feel warm and happy
joyfulness never stop,thankful never end
having a good time together wif u guys
peen x2,amos,jeremiah,KC,jun jie(thou u r quite new)
let it store in our memory
ohya,forget our new but cool buddy
u guys really like sudden gift came to us
playing boardgames,"Niagara","Saboteur","Jungle speed"
hahah....lot of jokes which unforgetable....


  1. had a fun time with you all too. :)

  2. Agree yo! :) MIssing Jabez and the people involved here!!