Wednesday, January 26, 2011

our trip.....=)

Sorry for too much chinese here among these 2 weeks....
As you who know chinese,I went for holiday(holiday for myself~)
together with lisa,my classmate =)
Both of us having our own trip in Taiwan.....
Taipei,Taizhong,Miao li.....these are the places that we tour among these 2 weeks
Lisa never been to Taiwan,I myself went there 10 years ago(everything had changed)
so....yup,that's wierd....we tour there by ourselves
learned how to use MRT,learned how to recognize the road back home
not only that,we learned how to use our money wisely,
how to comunicate with people who do not know,
how to look for train station and bus station...
how to solve problems,and try to figure it out
we have to plan our time,and plan where to stay next stop
hahhaah....we learned a lot,and experienced a lot
everything seems new to us,
although we suffered from walking,frezzing in the degree of 8 celsius
but we were still thankful for everything.....
which made our trip more colourful and memorable
both of us became more daring and independence after this trip....^.^
give thanks for the guiding of God,who sending angels all over to protect us and leding us....
May His glory to be praise among the people....

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