Friday, July 15, 2011

our half an hour ^^

 Kristen was here for her transit to Brunei....
we planned to meet from 4 till 6pm at "Times Square"....
who knows.....
some accidents....and so on, I reached there around 4:30pm...
and then she told me,her uncle is gonna sent her to airport at 5pm
oh my~~~

we ordered same drinks......berry soda.....
I love that color!! ^^
*ohya~now then i remembered I forget to eat my cherry~!!!*
we were rushing~~~
wanna guess the first thing we did when we met???
1st, "SS"
2nd, "SS"
3rd, still "SS".....hehehe
enjoy my blueberry cheesecake and my berry soda 
*wired matching~~*
happy happy happy!!!
kendric's Iced Latte
and.....we ordered a basket of fries!!! ^.^ 
~yum yum~~
I love tea time!!!
I love my darling Kristen!!!
I love my life nw!!!
time flies~~ but no regret!! 
and we'll meet again....
*u can skip this if u can't tahan our "SS" pics~~ hehehe*
these were given by kristen =) 
cool perfume and cute cute sunglasses 
*wired matching again~*
haha~ thanks darling!!

thou we only have half an hour,
but I'm still feel so great and glad to see you!!!
^.^ gambateh in ur study!!!

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