Wednesday, December 22, 2010

charleen's kk trip

xiao wei were here for almost one whole month
cool huh~?!
but she missed her house all over this month
for those who dunno wat's the reason she came here,
let me tell u,she is here for spm
cz at twu,she is private candidate+no pmr+register alone
so.....din approve
so she came here and join us...
here are some pics,our life~~

while we were cookinhg pasta....all the mess.... 
conclusion,success + yummy

study for our spm....however,we need some times to relax....
took lot of pics at home....hahhahahaha


Jabez....! ^^

love the color.....oh yea~~~

my mom help to massage so tat our(her) stress will be released.....

c how hardworking is she
still memoriesing her Moral
after our exam,we went for food~~~
we always did tat....

one day off from home for singing competition

after finish our science exam.....went to Mc.D

 helped in Jabez too~~she fall in love wif this cafe edi.....



before she moved to her grandpa house
we went out to upperstar for dinner


sutera harbor~

celebrate kristen's birthday~

and also lisa's birthday in nagisa,hyatt~~!!!!

bless her in her study~~~get A's

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