Monday, December 27, 2010

GSCC 2010

here comes our Gaya Street Christmas celebration 2010
lot of stalls are setting up
even the van also full of things....
everyone was exciting abt the celebration!!
but the weather of this year doesn't look good
because is a rainy season!
but,by faith.....
thanks God,in the end,it turns in a good way....=)
we had good weather after 7o'clock these 4 days 
God's work,isn't?!
along the walk way,
the feeling of christmas is all over the place
we were like having Carnival here!!!
so,from nw on....let the picture talk....heheh
we can't do anything without love
be the blessing of others,
and share the love of God
sorry for my laziness....
actually nt really lazy(my excusses),
is just like i don feel like writing anything
and dunno how to express through my writing...
my "idea of writing" getting worse and worse
so so so so sorry~~~

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