Monday, December 20, 2010


along the gaya street,there are lot of people
this time,let's forcus on the kids.....
i enjoy the expression of their eyes 
through the lens of my camera,hope u like it

there's a young child holding a candle
standing beside his mom and a large choir
"I love Thee,Lord Jesus
look down form the sky
and stay by my cradle
till morning is nigh"
wat a lovely song that reached my ears

i saw a large crowd gather around a stall
didn't pay much attention to wat the person said
but this little gril attracted my attention
she is concentrating on the seller
and listen carefully to wat he said 

in the big crowd,
some fathers carry their children on their back
so tat they will nt lost.....
when the child grow up,
will he still remember this simple action by his dad?
will he appreciate?!

while i was standing in between the shops.....
searching targets for my camera
and this girl was playing wif her friends in front of me
this remind me of the video i hv seen few days ago 
which is abt the poorness of india

after i brought my ice-cream from the cute "ice-cream van"
walking back.....and i saw a kid eating the same thing wif me
but his expression.....
nw thinking back,the "ice-cream van" earn a lot

during this 4 days of gaya street christmas celebration
i found out lot of new things
including the new stuff on the little girls hand
it is someting abt the slingshot and
it will whirl and shine after u shot out
she is learning....yet it is funny....heheh

this is one of my favourite shot too....
love the lighting,it is nice
i squated down and press the shutter
while she is nt found me yet

a shy kid
look clean and tidy
but shyness on his face tat couldn't hide

after i found a save place to squat down for shooting
i found out this girl
dunno wat's the reason tat made her face look fierce
but actually she is cute

this kid look so japanese
mayb is because of his hair
he is holding an octopus balloon on his father's shoulder

here is a handsome kid
i've notice him quite a few minutes
and of course,pressed the shutter
but his mouth look so familier.....let's look at the next pic
u will found out why

how old is he?
while i'm choosing and uploading the pics
this kid stopped me.....he has a pair of big eyes
looking at my camera

this girl try to hide herself from my camera
but fail to do so
because..........i'm pretty enough~~(argh~~~ yucky!!!)
hahha...of course nt..!
she feel curious of my camera and me! hehehe
(but after she saw me,she shout and ran away...=.=")

people were passing by,
yet, he still pay full concentration on his new play

love this picture.....thou the quality seems nt really good
but i love the smile on this father and son's face 
it warmed the night
just like the light

this fat fat baby made me thought of "boss"
he is sitting on his father's big strong arm
looking around the place with blur blur eyes
too much people?!
mayb he still doesn't knw the story on christmas?!

behind the stall
there is a yound kid pulling the edge of  his father's cloth 
trying to get his father's attention
however,his dad is busy selling fruits
so he gave a piece of mango to him
so tat he will remove his attraction from his dad
c how enjoy is he eating

aren't u feel so familier with this face?!
yes,she did appeared twice before this pic

last,there is a girl attracted me in the crowd
under the light,she is holding her teddy bear
cheerless......and look gloomy
tat's y i choose to press down the shutter of my camera
actually i hv no idea wat am i saying up thr
nvm.....if u don understand,jus treat tat as my mumbling

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