Thursday, December 16, 2010

sweet sixteen

~having a good day together~
we went out from their house.....and went to one borneo for shopping
actually is nt shopping,but eating~~~ hehehe
we saw few big christmas tree.....lot of ppl were taking pics in front of tat
so do we......=)
we took a lot of picture,try to look for the angle to shoot
 until the guy at the back was staring at us
nevermind,it is nt the problem.....
as long as we enjoy our day,tat's enough
^.^ right?!
after we shopped for few shops,we went for food again!!!
this time is nyonya food....
(luckily her mom is nt with us,if nt,she will faint~~~~
*how come u guys still bring her for food?!*) 
know why?! heheh...because we brought her daughter for food again
which she has to keep fit..... first~~~!!!!
the place found so grand......
yummy food
while i was taking picture of this,kristen has already holding a fork
and said....."when can i eat this?!"
she's foods....
time to stop her,but yet it's hard to stop~~~~~
cz we are all eager for foods....hehehhe
c how enjoy are we~
love this pic ^.^ 
let's go for some crazy expression
after 5 minutes or 10 minutes.......
here come empty plates
we asked for another plate
yum yum
after we finish our food,we went up and secrectly brought some presents for her
our time to go~~~~
went to sutera harbor on tat night
having dinner with her family and relatives
and she can finally tast wine~~~
only tat night.....
all her uncle aunty were so nice and crzy~~
love tat!
i have my...........dunno wat this call
one thing attracted me,
the paint on the wall was so nice...
the dinner made my stomuch so full
so before we leave,we went to the beach and have a walk
she is so so so tall...
anyway,when we were in the toilet,....again.....
kristen's mum said this is Aus girl style for taking pictures
the reason is.........dunno......ask her~
we went crazy..
and crazy.....but as u can c.....they all fail to continue....
me and my darling kristen
before we left,we take so many pictures

when we were all in the car,krsiten's mum suggest to go for dessert
oh well,we just follow her.....
this is another place of sutera harbor
shoot some more!!!
when we came into the k-box
ohhhh......actually is a surprice party for kristen!
i myself was shock too...hahhahaha
she has 2 "planful" uncles who plan so well
then we all sang.......we sang till 11 sth....hahahah
i laugh till stomach ache
they all a crazy and funny way
never seen this before,
uncles aunties can be tat crazy
tat's cool~~~
us again~~~~ =P
the "chai's " family
love this pics.....
Happy Birthday,Kristen darling......^.^
wishing you all the best
stay crazy and happy
have a blessed year ahead!!!!
nearly three hundred pictures,carrying our joyfulness,and also our great memories
Kristen 碰巧在亚庇,所以我们有幸和她一起庆祝生日
Kristen was happen to be in KK here,so we have the opportunity to celebrate her birthday together
she is a sincere,direct minded,cute, and also a girl who always bring joy to others
we studied in the same school about four years ago,
although she is one year younger than me,but that's not a problem,because she isn't look younger than me~~
love to be together with her,let her joyfulness to be infectious
three years after,i moved to kk because of my dad's transfer of work
not only that,she moved to Australia one year after for her study
we have lesser time to meet up,but our passion still there
now we are cherish in everytime we meet
hope you likes it

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