Sunday, December 26, 2010

my days.....whee~~~

ohno~~~christmas has over....
and now lot of photoes are waiting me in the computer....
found out myself getting lazy and lazy everytime after having photoshoot
quite lazy to look back all those photoes.....XDXD
having a nice and funny christmas in kolombong church...
(thou someone expect me to inanam church =P so so so sorry....)
watch a nice drama and have aa funny supper after tat
pastor"s" chong,peen peen,nie nie,my bro and I
we laugh till the ppl in the "burger king" stairing at us...heheh
the next day,went to inanam(my promise has passed....nvm)
quite sleepy...din sleep well the day b4....
shoot some pics...and have a nice chat wif some of them
back home and pack,and went to kundasan...(dad is the speaker of a family camp)
yea,so we gt the chance to have a trip thr....heheheh
the most important thing is....i slept a lot!!!!
oh yeah~~~~finally huh?! hehehe
din take much pics....but do have some nice pics.... ^.^
pls be patient....=)

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